Who Can Apply?

Most of our clients are employed individuals/couples who do not qualify for traditional mortgage financing.

  • Independent self-employed individuals or business owners.
  • Individuals who have low credit score due to sickness, divorce, previous bankruptcies or bad luck.
  • New or recent immigrants to the area with no credit history.

Follow These Simple Steps and Find Out How Easy Is To Own Your Dream Home.

1- You apply to the program through our website by completing the no-obligation application form. We will contact you to confirm the information and to answer any questions that you might have..

2- If you have a home in mind, we can look at the details and see if we can help or once your application is pre-approved, one of our preferred real estate agents will help you find your dream home.

3- Upon you finding your dream home, we’ll get the paperwork ready to buy the home for you. The papers will say that you are leasing the home from us for 1-2 years with the exclusive option to buy it at the end of the lease.

4- By following the simple steps of your CUSTOM made rent-to-own program, you will have a better chance to qualify for a traditional financing while enjoying your dream home right NOW.

5- Our team of credit counsellors will help you ensure that you sucessfully complete your rent-to-own program in time.